Kick Grass started up in early 2016 and we have been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginning as a coffee shop serving burgers and pizzas to the successful journey of a global cuisine restaurant serving the varieties from across the globe, we have tried to stay true to our core beliefs to deliver healthy and exceptional experience to our guests. We always work towards bringing a new dining experience to Udumalpet, that no one, not even us, has ever experienced.

real ingredients just taste better

Delicious food should be simple. To us this means fresh and we are all about preparing food without added colors, flavors, preservatives, ajinomoto, vanaspati but just with the genuine raw ingredients and their individual, delectable flavors.
We personally get involved in grinding the raw materials to extract the cooking oil and masala powders used in our kitchen. We are committed because we understand the connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes.

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